Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bruises - First Aid

Bruises - First Aid
A bruise is one of the most common events that can occur when a blow. Can occur during a fall or a blow that causes breakage of a small blood vessel under the skin open. Discoloration and deformation region are caused by blood leaking into tissues under the skin coloration will change during the healing period, as the blood is reabsorbed.

What are the symptoms?
1. Pain
2. Initial redness of the skin
3. Later, the place turns blue or green
4. Sometimes, on the site, still forms a hematoma
5. Finally, the area becomes soft, then yellow before disappearing completely.

What are the first steps to be taken?
1. Apply as soon as a cold compress or a piece of ice in a plastic bag. Cold compress, like ice reduces the chances of bleeding and the deformation of the region
2. If the bruise is on the arm or leg, raise the affected extremity above the heart to reduce blood flow
3. After twenty-four hours, apply moist heat (heated wet bandages) to speed healing. Heat dilates or opens blood vessels that go to the affected area.
4. If the bruise is large or becomes painful due to swelling, see your doctor as this may be the consequence of a fracture or other serious injury.

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