Saturday, November 10, 2012

Device that detects bad breath

Device that detects bad breath

In the UK there is a device that is 50 times more sensitive to smell than the human nose. This invention is the solution for many people who suffer from bad breath.

The identify and measure the three types of bacteria responsible for causing bad breath, allowing the dentist to apply easier and more effective treatment for this problem.

"It's not just a machine that tells you bad breath actually measure different molecules that cause bad breath and provides accurate scanning dentist problem. "Said Lance Knight dentist in Manchester.
Device that detects bad breath
Lance Knight is the first dentist in the UK who uses this device was developed in Australia and is priced at 8000 pounds.

Bad breath-enemy # 1

With the problem identified, Dr. Knight can provide specific treatments for each type of halitosis, including nasal spray or water medicine by mouth. Approximately 40% of England's population suffer from bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria present in the mouth, throat and nose.

These bacteria digest protein accumulation daily and produce different scents depending on where they are harvested situate.Pacientilor a sample of breath into a plastic syringe, releasing device results in 15 minutes. A total consultation costs £ 150, but can be other costs to treat bad breath.
 Device that detects bad breath
What cause halitosis?

Bad breath is often caused by bacteria that accumulate in the mouth, throat and nose.
Device that detects bad breath
In the mouth, the tongue bacteria accumulate as a result of protein were separated amino acids. Regarding the nose, bad breath can be due to bacteria sinus infection.

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