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Ear Care

Ear CareFeel you don't hear well? You are feeling or ringing ears clogged? How do you get rid of these problems we will detail in the following lines.
Ear wax or cerumen is one of the most common causes of discomfort and deafness. Wax is a sticky oily substance produced by sweat glands, with purpose to protect the ears against infection. Usually, ear wax is produced in small quantities, but there are exceptions. If more is produced, it can trigger different sensations, itching, ringing or clogging. There are many ways to remove ear wax.
Ear sticksCotton buds are one of the easiest ways to clean ears, and on the other hand, a solution recommended,because you clean the inside of the ear wax is pushed inside. A good practice to remove wax from the external ear with a damp towel.
OilsYou can use paraffin oil or any other mineral oil. How do you use oil?Few drops of warm oil on fire easily. Apply 2-3 drops of oil into the ear canal with a pipette. Allow to soften wax. Droop on one side and comes out the ear wax. Repeat the process three to four consecutive days. Wash the outer ear with warm water. Rinse with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, it will restore the pH of the ear.Instead of paraffin or mineral oil can be used olive oil, sesame or children, following the same steps.Attention! Do not use a lot of water to clean the ear.
To prevent excessive accumulation of wax once a month use less sesame oil. This applies in a safe ear before bed (the pillow put an old towel). Wax will come out the morning you can clean it with a dry cotton swab.Attention!Do not stay awake all night but sleep comfortably. In addition, a trick would be to sleep some channel re-filled with oil. Next night followed the same procedure but for the other ear.
Vinegar and waterIf the mineral oil or paraffin did not give any results try the following method with water and vinegar. It is necessary to combine 10 parts of apple cider vinegar in warm water one. To apply you must have a syringe. You should check the temperature, must be generally 38 degrees C.Lean over the sink head, lifting ear up and back slightly so that the ear canal to be right. Syringe with vinegar and water is easy to apply, up just like a waterfall along the top of the ear canal. Continue the process until it dissolves ear wax. Dry the ear with a hair dryer at minimum.
Spray seawaterIf you feel that you have a lot of ear wax in regular use in seawater. Treatment is indicated for use once a week.
Chamomile infusionNeed picuaturi some olive oil, a packet of chamomile flowers and a cup of water. Prepare an infusion of chamomile and leave to cool. Put a few drops of olive oil (warm) in the infected ear and wait five minutes. Then rinse with chamomile infusion.
Other solutions for ear problems
For earachesApply two drops of essential oil of hay, almonds and garlic in the ear. Then, above the ear is holding a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel.For severe pain ask your doctor.
For ringingRinging sounds or noises are continuous data most frequently by the presence of foreign bodies in the ear. It is advisable to do many exercises of the neck and head.Be sure to consult your doctor.Another remedy is to appeal to homopatie.
If you feel that you can not hearMost of the time, some or all of the hearing is given by an infection or large amounts of cerumen, or age.In this case it is recommended to follow a diet rich in vitamin A. On the other hand, can be repaired and the auditory nerve stimulating signal with grapefruit extract.Consult doctor!
For infectionsEar infection can be tratatama using one of remedies:- Juice of an onion- Olive oil- A mixture of olive oil and some crushed garlic. Put a few drops in the infected ear or slowly.
Garlic is very beneficial ingredient. You can use 2-3 drops of garlic juice into the infected ear.
Consult doctor!
To prevent infection, avoid consuming device:- Milk and cold drinks- Onions, spicy or oily aliminete- AlcoholAlso, avoid tobacco.
While cleaning the ear NOT use tweezers, agreafe hair, fingers or other objects.Do not put water in your ear.

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