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Oral hygiene - directly related to heart attack

Oral hygiene - directly related to heart attack

Often we ignore signs that the body communicates them. Reasoning that a toothache is just that - a pain - which can be treated can kill.

Learn how dental hygiene affects triggering heart attack!

Poor oral hygiene leads to dental disease, the most famous of which is gingivitis. Gum disease affects the mouth and other diseases can trigger or promote the general health.

What is the link between oral hygiene and our health?
Oral hygiene - directly related to heart attack
Lack of healthy dental hygiene, dental pain and bleeding, gingivitis and parodontozele favor the onset or complicating other diseases as:

     - Heart disease
     - Diabetes
     - Complications in respiratory problems
     - The risk in pregnancy

Health reflects general health our smile. Do you have a healthy smile, you have a healthy body!

How oral hygiene affects heart attack?
Oral hygiene - directly related to heart attack
Signs of poor oral hygiene - decayed teeth, swollen or red gums, bad breath, gums touch, spacing and tooth loss - are ominous, besides dental problems to produce complications in the body.
Oral hygiene - directly related to heart attack
Infections in the mouth quickly spread to other areas of the body. Because the mouth is over 700 different bacteria, we can say that is one of the dirtiest parts of our body.

By bleeding gums, blood vessels in the mouth open, letting bacteria to penetrate inside. Contact with platelets, bacteria penetrated into the bloodstream, leading to clot blocking blood vessels. Blood to reach the heart is stopped. Heart attack occurs when blood perfusion is low.
Oral hygiene - directly related to heart attack
Global statistics show alarming numbers. Approximately one third of total deaths as the leading cause of heart attack. Each of us can prevent serious diseases of the body through simple habits, but necessary. Healthy oral hygiene is one of them.

Dental pain - even if only causes discomfort or intense - is a sign that you must go to the doctor dentist. You can remove one of the causes of heart attack! Why not? You should pay more attention to ritual daily dental hygiene and make sure you have a healthy smile. Nothing could be simpler!

Brush your teeth at least twice a day by brushing performed properly control your diet and do not hesitate to go to the dentist to prevent or treat on time!

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