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Sex exercises and exercises to enhance sexual performance

Sex exercises and exercises to enhance sexual performance

A good sex requires not only technical, but also a good physical and mental health. Exercise and proper diet can correct erectile dysfunction and impotence in men reduces the risk of installation. Exercise (sports) and raise sexual desire, confidence and an enhanced ability to achieve orgasm by increasing blood flow to the body, especially in the genital area (according to a study of women who did regular exercise had a blood circulation the vagina with 169% higher than the sedentary).
During physical exercise releases hormones are important in increasing sexual arousal.
Toning exercises sex sexual organs and the muscle of love
Sex exercises have been found in India and China thousands of years ago, then rediscovered in the 19th century by obstetrician Dr. Arnold Kegel (Kegel exercises for toning the pelvic floor).
A method with the same benefits, but with a practiced other techniques is Aswin Mudra. This sex exercise requires strong contraction of rectal muscles over a longer period of time to vitalize and erotic energy control.
Some scientists support the idea that intense and regular sex life develop creativity, intelligence and protect the body from certain mental pressure. Stress therapies based on muscle relaxation and intercourse is a relaxing activity for muscles.

A specific course and indoor gym toning muscles of the perineum and vaginal muscles after a method invented 20 years ago (Kriston method) is present in Romania through a program specialist coach. The exercises were created in 1988 after Andreea Kriston (inventor method) gave birth to a baby girl born on the genitals and the effects were not very pleasant. Over time, she developed a complete genital exercises recommended for all women, not just those who were born, claiming to have an enviable body of a woman also needs exercise not see and which strengthen the body from the inside.
Sex exercises and exercises to enhance sexual performance
High sexual performance has a number of requirements to the car body enoi must provide:
- Longevity, endurance, stamina and high energy levels for erotic act take more than a few minutes rather hours;
- Speed ​​needed for multiple crescendos;
- Power to keep on you, and eventually partner in the proper position for as long as necessary for proper penetration;
- Flexibility to add diversity sexual ritual.
A well trained body will definitely arouse a sexual response from the partner best /-it.
Muscles are the most relevant part of the body that causes a man's sexual performance because they provide necessary support body resistance to prolonged strenuous exercise. Thus all men sex experts recommend various exercises to improve their sexual performance (including the elements). Back and leg muscles must be strong to support the body in difficult positions to increase diversity in sexual activity.
This does not mean that a well trained body is the basic criteria for a sexually intense but body resistance has a say in terms of quality sex.
The inside of coapelor is also very important because it is a very active area during the erotic act. Exercises for strengthening and toning the thighs help develop an appropriate flexibility. The internal thigh exercises are carried out by gradually exerting pressure on them by pushing "Butterfly" (knees apart and feet joined) the hips.
For an excellent fitness cardiovascular exercise sessions of 25 minutes, 4 days / week are recommended (jogging, cycling, treadmill walking or climbing stairs). Cardiovascular exercise increases heart resistance will make the heart stronger during a sex enthusiast.
Exercises to increase sex drive and libido
Following a scientific study concluded that swimming is an excellent exercise to improve mood and sexual superior performance (because swimming is the sport that works most muscles during a training session).
Also-speed running, jogging and other aerobic activities keep blood vessels clean so that erections are stronger and last longer. The stringent triggers the release of endorphins, which relax and increase sex drive.
Sex exercises and exercises to enhance sexual performance
Exercises to develop flexibility can improve your sex life, because dezvoltatii flexibility skills that can be used during intercourse. They can facilitate the path to the preferred sexual position without much effort. Stretching exercises as well as yoga can help you relax and enter necessary condition, increase libido and reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Exercise works in his mind. A strong body, sensual, demonstrates and highlights the intense sexual desire and a better quality of sexual performance.

Tantric sex is an ancient practice that deepen relationship intimacy between partners. Through Tantric exercises partners are able to channel sexual energy through the body, directing it to areas where it is beneficial. These energies can be used to establish connections profound intimate connections that deepen intimacy of the two.
Originally from India, since 3000 years ago, tantric sex (called science practitioners belonging ecstasy) is based on the concept of timing and breath control between the two partners and depth of eye exercises. The word "tantric" comes from Sanskrit and means "to expand". This ancient practice can learn to make the distinction between orgasm and ejaculation, educating man to obtain a greater control over their own body and sexual response to stimulation.

Breathing exercises during sexual intercourse and improve blood flow rate to enhance sensations in the clitoris and the glans penis for stronger erections.
Breathing and meditation sessions on sexual energy will help you become able to encourage and sustain sexual energy during intercourse by building an intense sexual desires. As a result sexual experience will be much improved and more intense orgasms.
Alternating abdominal breathing techniques are an interesting effect of awakening of sexual feelings and enhance their sync as partners, introducing other sexual stimulation techniques.
Sex exercises and exercises to enhance sexual performance
If you seek diversity and novelty in terms of sex, especially when sex positions yoga exercises will provide a new perspective on the practice of sex, allowing the body to adapt to creative positions for maximum pleasure during intercourse. Yoga exercises help relieve tension and pain in the abdomen balances and intercourse so pleasant, comfortable. These exercises along with abdominalele can improve your sex life.
Cultivation exercises thinking how sexy
One of yoga practice is to control the mind and thoughts, even thoughts that we choose. Thus it is cultivated peace and harmony in our lives to experience life as we do not like is upon us. The same principle must govern and sexuality. Resulting in poor must become thinking about you, that if you wish to express the more sensual sexuality should adopt a mindset accordingly (these parts you'll find in a future article).

ChiKong sex exercises for men is a set of exercises able to increase men's sexual stamina and control sexual sensitivity and response to external stimulation. Exercise proper sex set women develop control contacts are designed to highlight the vagina during intercourse vaginal muscles. ChiKong is a kind of sexual exercises performed on the sexual organ through controlled breathing synchronized with abdominal contraction and expansion.
Sex exercises and exercises to enhance sexual performance
Exercise program step by step in finding and stimulating the G-spot will guide you to fabulous point G.

Constatatari strange gender and sports (exercise):
* The word "gymnasiun 'literally means' place to stay empty."
* First Olympic competitors participated in the Olympics nude.

This section will present exercitiillor review of the role of improving sexual techniques, methods and exercises simple, fast and effective. Surely after 1-2 weeks partner / he will be curious about what do in this respect, because certainly some of the advice given will he or she feel sexual animate results due to sex fitness program applied.

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