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Conception and fertility

Conception and fertility

Every woman should have in mind a few things when it comes to starting a family, the preconception period and conception of a child, certain tips and guidelines that must be followed to protect their fertility and body for miraculous moment of conception a child.
If time is planned (for the near future or something more distant, 2-3 years), the decision is time to start to get better care of your body and your reproductive system to avoid some inconvenience in terms of conception children, pregnancy and even birth. A visit to a gynecologist is recommended about 3 months before a couple to be prepared (in terms of physical, emotional, financial) to conceive. We recommend a series of medical tests to determine the health status of prospective parents to study their medical history and possible effects on children.
Given medical discoveries, science and technology in recent decades, many couples can now obtain a genetic consultant to establish with certainty aa certain aspects of conception, pregnancy and child development future.
Conception and fertility
It is very important for women to be fit and ready, in the form of physically before conception. Maintaining a stable body weight, not more than 15% over / under ideal weight, to ensure an optimal environment for fetal development period. An abnormal weight may reduce women's chances of conceiving a child and can lead to various complications after she became pregnant. Many Obstetricians recommend women regularly practice sports or keep fit with physical execitii continue this practice after they became pregnant, although physical program will undergo certain changes, depending on the stage of pregnancy. A good shape before conception helps the body adapt to physical changes occurring easier after conception.

Pre-load is one of the best times to take a healthy diet and a healthy life, and an easy exercise to keep your body in shape, body flexibility and support without problems or pain, additional weight pregnancy. In addition to a woman who keeps her body in shape, exercise will help to strengthen and tone the muscles so that pregnancy and birth will be easier. Also a healthy diet, well-balanced, low in saturated fat may reduce nausea specific first trimester.
You should include prenatal supplements (only by a doctor) and especially taking folic acid (the most popular prenatal vitamin). This compound has the ability to decrease the incidence of malformations (some faults can develop quickly, before realizing that she is pregnant).

Conceiving a child is one of the most emotional moments in the life of a couple. From conception to birth, the next period is interesting to explore and adapt to the idea that soon will become parents. But when difficulties arise in the process of conception, this "journey" can become quite frustrating and threatened trouble and complications. Moreover fertility treatments available are quite expensive. However, some fertility problems are not serious, tin and adopted lifestyle, stress factors, so there are natural ways to improve and protect the fertility of both partners.
Conception and fertility
Fertility problems or not, difficult adventure not to conceive a child is very important to keep the romance in a relationship and if possible eliminate stress and tension torque - ideally conceive a child trying to be funny and joyful.
Finally if success does not occur in 6-12 months from the time the decision is reasonable when the couple should consult a physician to determine what is wrong and how it can be treated.
Regarding man, semen must meet certain physiological characteristics to ensure effective fertilization of the ovum. But in terms of women, it passes through a monthly menstrual cycle and ovulation, so only 5-6 days / month fecundation has the best chance of success. At present there are many methods, including traditional calendar method (counting back 14 days from the date on which presumably should appear menses) to determine the most fertile period in a woman would be most likely to conceive .

In the pre-design prospective parents should be familiar with the idea of ​​maternity / paternity and establish a provisional plan regarding the emergence of unexpected situations during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Advice, guidance, proven scientific issues and more will be presented in this section in order to meet your requirements in terms of the desire for knowledge and training regarding the conception of a child.
Conception and fertility
Specific aspects of conception
Perhaps no concept of "too much sex" when it comes to conception of a baby?
Temporal coordination is more important than frequency when it comes to conceiving a child.
In short, from a health perspective, the answer is no. However, as most fertility problems, things are more complex than they seem. It's not so important how often sex couple, as much as you say, in the period of intercourse occurs.
On the other hand, regular sexual activity increases sperm mobility and sperm lichdului ensure health and safety in the design. Moreover, it is difficult to coordinate the exact time of ovulation, sperm and optimal physiological state meeting groundwork for effective fertilization of the ovum. Having a regular sexual activity (about once / 2-3 days) increase the chances of these premises simultaneous meeting.
But a man's ejaculation frequency (after an extremely common sexual activity) decreases sperm quality - less chance of fertilization of the ovum. Full recovery of semen quality occurs in about 2-3 days.
Other studies show that the development of daily intercourse partners increased fertility rate.
There are sexual positions that favor conception?
In terms of physical, often a large part of the male ejaculate will react under gravity, regardless of position during intercourse. During ovulation, cervical mucus gain some consistency and texture that 'captures' and keeps sperm in the vagina longer, so chances are higher fertilization of an egg.
So there is no rule regarding the position or duration of intercourse idea conceive a child, but there is a logic that says that sperm deposited closest to the cervix will be more likely to fertilize an egg - so positions that favor deeper penetration are welcome to increase your chances of becoming parents in a shorter time.

Prerequisite: both parents must have an orgasm to be possible conception. FALSE
It is true that the male orgasm should be possible to release the necessary sperm egg fertilization. Regarding partner orgasm or could facilitate the movement of sperm inside the reproductive tract, but not necessary.
Conception of a child after a pregnancy loss
This is a touchy subject because some women want to try to get pregnant immediately after the event, while for others the fear and emotional imbalance to banish thoughts of becoming a mother. Understanding, adapting and overcoming timing can be understood only by those who have gone through this experience. Important to note is that although women are strong feelings torn, and men suffer in a specific way, but internalized. We recommend consulting a psychologist or a specialist able to answer questions and to banish fear a woman's pregnancy before it try to give a second chance motherhood.
Conception and fertility
You should not have problems with the concept, if both are young and healthy.
Unfortunately health is a necessary condition for fertility, but simply because it is young and healthy body naturally does not mean that it is and fertile. While it is believed that women are fertile until age 35 after 35 years as problems arise, does not mean that a girl under 35 can not suffer from problems in this regard.
Age affects fertility but not a cause. There are cases of couples who are diagnosed with secondary infertility, infertility arose from the conception of a child.
According to medical opinion on Embryology Authority and Human Fertilisation (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, USA) children should be taught in schools still means infertility, what causes it and how it can be protected from the fertility. One of the most common factors of infertility in the U.S. is obesity partners, developed in childhood obesity.
Keep the fun and passion specify sex while trying to conceive.
Once you have decided that you will give the green light process of conception, sex must maintain if not increase its features funny, touching, passionate. But if your partner does not stay pregnant immediately do not lose hope and do not turn sex into a monotonous activity, routine, held on purpose. Try to enjoy intimacy with your partner without thinking consciously at conception.
* Be spontaneous.
* Adopt an outfit / sexy attitude.
* You can use sex toys to spice up your sex life than to explore new sensations.
* Relax, eliminate stressors.

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