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Sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies and erotic scenes were recorded for the first time in literature and art after a few thousand years ago (one of the most famous examples is the famous book of love Kamasutra, 400-500 BC). Sexual fantasies persist since Victorian times, a period with very strict rules regarding sexuality and harsh condemnation of such comportamantelor considered immoral. Pornogafice shops that contained materials sold in secret sexual fantasies sources. In modern times, easy access to internet has provided a reliable source of sexual fantasies generated by erotic movies, music, art, erotic stories, etc..
What are fantasies?
Fantasies can be defined as daydreams, imaginary visions.
Fantasies are a fundamental part of human nature. Individual develops in childhood impressive active imagination, but then it will be inhibited to adulthood.

What are sexual fantasies?
Sexual fantasies are represented by any mental image, which is exciting and erotic fantasy to the individual. Sexual fantasy can be of variable length, even instantantanee image that stirs sexual desires, sexual motivation, arousal. Fantasy image of an experience can be positive or negative, may reflect past experience or future or desired sexual experience. A person may be limited, restricted against staging a sexual fantasy, and how the whole process unfolds in her imagination, should not necessarily be consistent with acceptable or practical fantasies, but to give free rein to the imagination (these issues may provide some information on psychological processes behind sexual behavior).
Sexual fantasies
Generally run the idea according to which sexual fantasies play an important role in cases of sexual assault - on the other hand the total lack of sexual fantasies or guilt that surrounds fantasy, contribute to the emergence of sexual dysfunction.
Sexual fantasies can be heterosexual, homosexual, incestuous, tender, wild, etc. Do not get stuck and not be afraid to give free rein to their fantasies - are just dreams .. with eyes open.

For some people the best aspects of a visual fantasies are (masks, suits, etc.), for others the auditors (dirty talking, talking sensual, preference for certain sounds, some music). Other aspects of the fantasy may include physical sensations (degheta cubes, feathers, feeling hot, silky textures etc). But for the most spectacular part of a sexual fantasy is evoked emotion (excitement, boldness, audacity).

How are generated sexual fantasies?
People show different abilities to fantasy on various topics, including sexual ones, and different abilities to enjoy this behavior. Fantasies of reality can be a supplement or serve as substitute for sexual reality. Sexual fantasies are often caused by external stimuli, an attractive stranger, image erotic, sensual, erotic movie, romantic, story, etc music.
Sexual fantasies-content
Sexual fantasies can be wild or calm, can be related to a real person or an imaginary one, may include activities that we would have to perform, scenes that you did not try again (either due to the degree of danger be due to the inability to achieve) may involve unusual d├ęcor, crazy, surreal or may involve role play. Sexual fantasies may also involve new and exciting sexual activity for a person such as the use of sex toys, experimenting with certain positions, sex with multiple partners, massage, etc..

There are situations where some women have fantasies about rape or a wild sex, more violent. Attention! This does not mean that she wants to become a real rape victim. In her own imagination she can control every aspect of events and imaginary scenario is certainly much less brutal than in real life (does not involve pain, terror, mental and physical degradation). Plasmuieste woman's imagination such as the idea man fantasy generated attractiveness of a woman overwhelmed by a compulsion suggesting irezistibilitatea intercourse. Psychologists explanation: she uses this tool to express her desire to feel desired sexually irresistible in and helps overcome certain inhibitions. If reuseseste to and fool himself that he is forced to participate in a sexual act can enjoy over its effective implementation.

Similarly, men have fantasies about conducting simultaneous relationships with multiple sexual partners, although it is aware that the emotionally very difficult to keep the sex.

Many people feel uncomfortable when it comes to their own fantasies, thinking maybe moved, strange to feel sexually stimulated by certain things, issues unacceptable to others. The sexual fantasies often are viewed as valuable possessions, that people are ashamed, they see it as compromising some aspects of their lives. Even psychologists have abandoned the subject of psychology in the last half century, finding sexual fantasies as compromising the individual.
Sexual fantasies can express an aspect of the unconscious mind. For example, some sexual fantasies, to be humiliated, enslaved, dominated, can be correlated with the desire to experience sexual arousal without the participation of personal responsibility.
A surprising aspect of sexual fantasies is that most of us have a certain limitation of imagination: the fantasies are more common images, without any extraordinary aspect regarding sexual conduct certain activities related to past or present partner . Despite the unlimited potential of imaginative freedom, sexual fantasies are well grounded in reality.
Reviews misconceptions about sexual fantasies
# One of the most common misconceptions about sexual fantasies is related to the freedom and ability to partner a couple fantasies: if the partners are really lovers do not need to charge your imagination with fantasies. Frequently and normally both men and women have fantasies about some erotic scenes, either alone or with another partner that does not mean that something is missing from their relationship.
# Another misconception is related to the nature of sexual fantasies: if you have some unusual fantasies, means you are abnormal and that you will scare your partner if you share your sex fantasy. Partner by sharing a little more unusual sexual fantasies may even be approaching a moment of sincerity and intimacy beneficial for relationship, even if your partner is not willing to participate virtually in sexual fantasy.
These misconceptions about sexual fantasies were born since the views of Freud himself who believes that a happy person has sexual fantasies, but one unsatisfied.
# And now some people believe that sexual fantasies compensation is actually a lack of sexual oportuntiati embracing bad idea according to which if you have a healthy and fulfilling sex life need not sexual fantasies.
Sexual fantasies
Psychological studies on sexual quality of those who abandon sexual fantasies often reveal that they are happier, have more active sex lives than those who fantasizes sexual themes, have sex more frequently and engage in erotic activities more often and more easily, usually have more sexual partners to satisfy their sexual desire and masturbate more frequently than those who limit their ability fantasizing.
And for everyone to relax psychologists believe that sexual fantasies association with a healthy sex life is very tight, considering the fact pathological not to have sexual fantasies as an individual.

Guilt, guilt, embarrassment are often dispel sexual fantasies, to the point where fantasy meets personal ideology. There are some people who do not recognize that person, personality in their sexual fantasies. Those individuals irritated by their sexual fantasies sexual intercourse less frequently, and are less satisfied than those who do not feel this guilt about their own erotic thoughts.

About the sexual fantasies of men and women's sexual fantasies
In a study designed to identify the most common fantasies among men and women has been established that men have noted a number of sexual acts while women described their romantic side, emotional sexual meeting. Men are 2 times more likely to focus on the female body and its physical caracteristiicle his fantasies, sociologists establishing the dichotomy romantic / sexual organ is the major difference in terms of male fantasies fantasies women, and that these discrepancies are differences in evolution of sexual behavior.
A common point of the two sexes is fantasy fantasy sexual submission, although men tend to fantasize about sexual domination in type that women tend to undergo sexual desire their partner's fantasies. For men the idea of ​​being forced sexual repulsion causes them.
Men and sexual fantasies:
* Men are extremely sensitive to visual stimuli in generating sexual fantasies, they are focus on the female body and the ability to enjoy physical attributes (main actor and the active element of sexual activity).
* In western societies often men use sexually explicit material as generating a Sexau fantasies while women rely on romantic story.
* Male sexual fantasies are often based on ideas that abound novelist cultural and imaginative creations of some very beautiful women, smart, determined, always available sexually.
* Men prefer those sexual fantasies that can be implemented if they have enough courage or opportunity, it is unlikely that a man have a related fantasy dream exotic and rushing about sexual technique that you prefer or would like trying to partner sex (oral sex, group sex, swinging, etc).
* The male fantasies idea appears frequently in group sex (more women, the most common). They often change partners sexual fantasies, even if they are in the middle of imaginative scenario.
* Men have a greater variety of fantasies and at a pace more often than women.
* For men it is easier to talk about their sexual fantasies, easier to share sexual partners and generally not embarrassed by them.
Women and sexual fantasies:
* Women are more easily impressionable scenarios with romantic, erotic, and although they are often generated and physical aspects of an individual - package of sexual activity always comes equipped with tinted emotioanle, passion, romance (as opposed to men who look more like a psychological need, instinct).
* Women prefer and imaginative look at a erotic sexual encounters than sex explicit forms preferred by men.
* For a woman sexual fantasy is rarely represented something expected or really wants to happen.
* Women tend to imagine scenarios in which she is sexually passive element of sexual activity, focusing on the interest that you show sexual partner for her, from her body.
* For women psychologists have found that there are certain cultural pressures which categorizes women as lightly if freely express their sexual fantasies, and there is a very traditional conception that women should not think about sex outside a stable relationship.
* Women often base their sexual fantasies subject of past sexual experiences.
Benefits sexual fantasies
The brain is an important "organ" sexual. Sex starts in the brain. An active imagination can be a sign that you are ready / sex while in terms of physical devedere are not. Excitation is much faster and greater sexual desire is activated once sexual fantasies.
An active imagination regarding sexual fantasies may add a touch of novelty and dynamism of a stable relationship. It can be especially beneficial when the degree of adventurer that maniesta the different partners.
But if you are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​experiencing these fantasies in the intimate space have the opportunity to give FAU imagination and that can restore confidence and increase courage in terms of hiring a new sexual experience.
Sharing and mutual acceptance between partners in a couple fantasies can deepen the emotional connection, improve communication and strengthen trust between partners.
Sexual fantasies
In psychosexual therapy, fantasy is a tool penttru block negative thoughts. If your mind is preoccupied with other thoughts and images during a meeting sexual fantasy can you regain focus on sexual pleasure.

How to learn to build your sexual fantasies ...
If you are a person whose sexual fantasies are just not accessible you can learn how to develop your imagination by exploring that side of stores with erotic books, erotic art, relaxation techniques etc.
How to share your partner's sexual fantasies / her
Sharing fantasies with your partner / the experimentation of new activities and suggest your sex life can revive your relationship, but approaching the subject in a wrong manner can damage more than just improve your sex life. Mutual sharing of sexual fantasies can rekindle the spark of romance, passion flame, especially in stable relationships, long term. Although it may be a bit odd to recognize certain aspects of your sexual fantasies, thoughts are personal, intimate, can be extremely rewarding.

It is true that sharing sexual fantasies in the couple's confusing, because men and women have different fantasies and expectations regarding their partners' fantasies (in genes that he / she will be the main subject of fantasy partner / herself). Even if you are not wild sexual fantasies or inadequate, sometimes sharing can hurt their partner's feelings / her, him / her make her feel uncomfortable / a
In general, women's sexual fantasies help them enjoy the sexual experience and not create any guilt. But if your partner share even the most innocent fantasies can become confusing for them because they tend to view fantasy and perceive it in a different way.
But this sharing, mutual or not, it is not sexual fantasies / partner Orders / a in any attempt to pursue these fantasies. If your partner / to be offended, insulted because of the idea of ​​fantasy or try traspunerea they really should not insist on this idea. Suggesting a sexual fantasy is not a thing wrong, but repeated pressure on the partner / her is a bad attitude, lack of respect.
Sexual fantasies
But before sharing your sexual fantasies you have to ask and to answer the following questions:

1. What is the motivation to share these fantasies? What do you hope to gain from these confessions? Found this fantasy Sexau sharing can take the place of foreplay? I hope your sexual fantasy come true?
2. I am in a relationship right to share this kind of sexual experience?
Such sharing of personal thoughts and feelings requires the existence of a certain intimacy in the relationship. Both need to feel safe and to provide sufficient mutual trust, to secure mutual emotional security and to overcome certain impulsive reactions caused by nervousness or anxiety. They must be free to refuse a request for fulfillment of the other without feeling abused verbally, emotionally, mentally and without destroying the relationship.
3. May partner / my to / my face sexual fantasy?
4. I'm ready / to cope with partner's sexual fantasies / its my / mine?
5. Will it be beneficial sharing of sexual fantasies for your relationship and our sex life?
In some cases both partners have their own ideas about what sexual fantasies can share, try. Those who are sexually compatible tend to understand these experiments in their sex life and are eager to experience the aphrodisiac effects of sexual fantasies about their private life.
After just a fantasy ...
The lukewarm fantasies live only in your mind. No longer a fantasy if one translated into reality (in terms of a sexologist).
Thoughts and images in your mind during a sex not a true reflection of your mentality, your conception about sexuality.
But sexual fantasies are essential aspects of our sexuality by far a sign of sexual depravity, sexual fantasies are associated with a healthy and fulfilling sex life.
Sexual fantasy has massive power over people - to arouse sexual desire and arousal - some people are able to obtain from a cumulation orgasm sexual fantasies, sexual ptentialul showing the human brain.
Although sexual fantasy is often treated as a result of individual behavior, the partners share their fantasies to improve certain aspects of sexual life. Even the Internet and computers have an important role in generating and sharing these fantasies (porn, interactive communication on roles, chat rooms).

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