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What is and how to treat oral thrush?

What is and how to treat oral thrush?

Oral thrush is an infection caused by a fungus. It develops on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The most common is Candida albicans, but there glare or Candida tropicalis and Candida.

Responsible for candida fungus produces a white creamy substance, most commonly found on the tongue and inside the cheeks. Some lesions can be painful and may bleed. Infected mucosa of the mouth may be red and swollen. Sometimes, the infection can spread from the mouth and throat.
What is and how to treat oral thrush?
For many of us candidiasis no major effect. Generally occurs in people with weaker immune systems, and if not detected and treated in time can be quite severe. People who have diabetes and do not keep it under control, people taking steroids (especially long term) at high risk to develop oral candidiasis, with severe symptoms.

Also, another source of developing oral antibiotics cadindidozei term. Some medications, especially those that dry mouth can lead to the development of candidiasis. National Health Service in the UK says that this candidiasis is more frequent among patients treated with chemo-or radio-therapy treatment to head or neck.
What is and how to treat oral thrush?
What are peers oral candidiasis?

A symptom is something the patient feels or what you say about a particular disease, while a sign is what a physician detects. For example, pain may be a symptom while the rash may be a sign.

Oral candidiasis in adults has a consistent color whitish or mucous membranes of the oral cavity (mouth parts wet.). The latter may appear swollen and slightly reddened. There may be a burning sensation and discomfort.Uneori whitish substance may be deposited on the teeth, forming plaque, so sometimes has a yellowish gray.
What is and how to treat oral thrush?
Rarely, the affected area becomes slightly red and swollen, with no white spot.
People who wear dental bridges may have areas that are constantly under the gums swollen and red. Poor oral hygiene or dental bridges forgetfulness during sleep can increase the occurrence candidozeii.
What is and how to treat oral thrush?
What causes oral thrush?

Small amounts of the candida fungus exists in various parts of our body such as the digestive system, skin and mouth, which does not give you headaches healthy individuals. People who follow a precise schedule of medication, have a weakened immune system than the completely healthy individuals, conditions favoring the development of oral candidiasis.

Oral candidiasis can occur in people who:
- Gate bridges, especially those who do not keep clean, does not fit well or those who do it out before bed.
- Taking antibiotics. The latter can destroy the bacteria that prevents candida
- Excessive use of mouthwash
- Excessive use steroids
- Have a weakened immune system
- Have diabetes
What is and how to treat oral thrush?
How can I diagnose oral thrush?

For most cases, your dentist can diagnose oral thrush by examining oral cavity of the patient and by discussing symptoms and if necessary by taking samples for analysis.
Your doctor will decide the form of oral candidiasis treatment depending on the cause.

What is the treatment for oral candidiasis?

Most times, your doctor will prescribe anti-candida, and nystatin, amphotericin or miconazole in the form of pills or gels. The patient may also prescribe an oral suspension that can be used as a mouthwash.
For patients with weakened immune systems are recommended orals or intravenous administration of anti-fungal substances.

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