Saturday, November 10, 2012

6 Ways to get a better smile!

6 Ways to get a better smile!

How does Hollywood smile?
Tends to perfection and battle for admiration, beauty, power and, last but not least, for respect.

Perfect smile you divas displays and promotes it with such nonchalance and confidence in every occasion to pave the way to success. And nine wins our admiration from the first moment.

They understood very important in the struggle for success:
"A smile is a powerful weapon!"

Choose one of 6 ways to get a better smile!
6 Ways to get a better smile!
1. Veneer
This is the main choice for Hollywood stars and why have perfect teeth. It is the easiest way to get a perfect smile because results are visible immediately!
Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain, translucent nail similar. They look natural and applied to the surface front teeth to correct color, space, light crooked and broken edges.
6 Ways to get a better smile!
2. Zirconium (crowns, veneers, dentures)
Zirconium is the most requested material in developed countries due to its appearance similar to natural teeth and that is highly resistant to external factors, long time.
Crowns, zirconium prosthesis facets and have an impeccable quality. They can not be distinguished, unlike those made of other materials highlights the gum line and thus an artificial.
6 Ways to get a better smile!
3. INCOGNITO braces
INCOGNITO presents a number of advantages that make it very attractive especially for adults with intense professional or social life that they want to go quickly and with minimal effort desired results.
I can not see, act fast and you can enjoy its results at any age!
 It is applied to the back teeth (lingual technique) and performed in a single laboratory in the world, located in Germany.
6 Ways to get a better smile!
4. ZOOM teeth whitening
ZOOM is no method. 1 in U.S. dental whitening. White brilliance, perfection ... Are its main effects. In addition, the treatment takes one hour and the results are seen immediately!
ZOOM Whitening results can provide up to several shades. It is not painful and is done easily. You will relax and your teeth will become brighter by the minute.
6 Ways to get a better smile!
5. Dental Implants
The dental implant is much easier to care for than other alternatives, dentures or bridges. It stops bone atrophy, prevents migration of teeth and gum retraction. But it is very important to be made of a biocompatible material.
 6 Ways to get a better smile!
6. Computer Imaging - Smile Design
Smile Test allows you to design your own smile in just 2 steps!
   - Assessing psychological perception of own smile.
   - View final smile by MASTER DENTAL computer application program.
6 Ways to get a better smile!
Now you know what to do to have a perfect smile, right?

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