Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ignore the symptoms of oral cancer patients

Ignore the symptoms of oral cancer patients

A study undertaken in the UK about the situation of people suffering from oral cancer, says that the latter ignore symptoms and do not require professional help.

Oral cancer, an accident?

From research undertaken, which was devoted to keeping patients in Scotland suffering from oral cancer have revealed the following facts: the majority of respondents had heard about oral cancer but did not think that their symptoms indicate a disease.

40% of the participants decided to treat symptoms alone, focusing on treatments recommended by pharmacists.

Executive Director of the Foundation British Dental Health, Dr Nigel Carter said the study confirms the important gaps in understanding patients' symptoms of oral cancer prevention and better treatment.

A knowledge of risk factors and symptoms of oral cancer recognition are extremely important for the immediate detection and treatment of this disease was.

Approximately 9% of patients surveyed had minimal knowledge about oral cancer risk among the listed causes are tobacco and alcohol.

Information received during the interview was not a tool to persuade her to suspect that they have oral cancer nor determined to make an emergency visit to the dentist.

None of those surveyed did not believe that this can happen.

How to detect oral cancer and how many people?

Three quarters of those surveyed said that the first sign of a disease is a whitehead, associating it with dental abscess.

40% of them said that they feel swollen mouth and less than 30% of them said they did not have any pain or any swelling.

Oral cancer is fatal given that every year more and more and more lives. Without timely diagnosis, survival chances drop below 50%.

As the delay time for a visit to the dentist is higher the chances installation cancers are higher.

Oral cancer has been found more in men than in women and in people over 40 years, and in recent years the category of people with cancer increased and youth are included.

Alcohol and tobacco are responsible for the development of at least three quarters of oral cancers.

A diet low in protein and vitamins is linked to the emergence of a quarter of oral cancer.

The study showed that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, fish and eggs decreased oral cancer.

Annually, about 5,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with oral cancer, including 2,000 people are healed. recommend you always have in mind the basics of oral health: control go to the dentist every six months and have a good oral health by brushing with a toothpaste specify your teeth, to use floss and mouthwash.

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